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Information on the Multivalue (Pick) Operating System

What's a MultiValue Database ? ( information courtesy of the Maverick database site )
MultiValue databases have been around for about 30 years, starting off with The Pick Operating System (Pick OS). You've probably heard of relational databases, well, MultiValue databases can be relational, but their method of storing data is much more flexible than the 2 dimensional table you normally associate with relational databases, i.e., you can store multiple fields within a field. On top of which, they are extremely fast in operation.

Multivalue facilities offered
Would you like a bespoke system utilising the multivalue Database, it can be used on your existing NT / Windows 2000/ 2003 / XP server, Unix box or run in its own environment. It will support as many users as you wish, anything from 1 to 1000+ (this is changing all the time) is easily handled. Security is handled by the base operating system and additionally by the Multivalue database and software itself thereby increasing your peace of mind.

Data from your Pick / Multivalue database can integrate seamlessly with various Microsoft products i.e. by transfering selected data fields from your Sales database into Word for a Mail shot or passing Sales details into your Excel spreadsheet. Do you want to generate web pages from your database?

'Nine Elms Solutions' can offer you assistance with XML integration into your Pick database.

'Nine Elms Solutions' can offer the supply of contractor resources for the design and development of software to users individual requirements along with facilities management expertise. If you are short staffed or awaiting the take up of Full Time positions then 'Nine Elms Solutions' can help cover your resource shortfall.

'Nine Elms Solutions' have experience in the writing of Business Ledgers, Vehicle Hire, Manufacturing, Insurance, Pensions & Payroll systems and in the migration of data files. I'm sure that we can satisfy your requirement with NINE ELMS's expertise.

'Nine Elms Solutions' has many years experience in the use of the Pick (Multivalue) database system, be it MvBase, Reality, Unidata, Universe or other variations. Have you explored Northgates Reality product installed on a PC? - it flies.

'Nine Elms Solutions' can also offer help in the implementation / installation / configuring of operating system and hardware upgrades, i.e. Windows Server, XP through to Windows 7.

Please ring or email us, why not also have a look at our code snippets.

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